Sep 14, 2017

Wordpress - changed table prefix - You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions To Access This Page

If you can't login to Wordpress admin, or rather, you are logged in, but can't do anything, like you've lost all permissions, you have probably changed the table prefix in your wordpress config.

To remedy this, you also need to change a few rows in MySQL:

In the table usermeta

UPDATE  `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_usermeta` SET  `meta_key` =  'NEWPREFIX_capabilities' WHERE  `NEWPREFIX_usermeta`.`meta_key` = 'OLDPREFIX_capabilities';
UPDATE  `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_usermeta` SET  `meta_key` =  'NEWPREFIX_user_level' WHERE  `NEWPREFIX_usermeta`.`meta_key` = 'OLDPREFIX_user_level';
UPDATE  `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_usermeta` SET  `meta_key` =  'NEWPREFIX_user-settings' WHERE  `NEWPREFIX_usermeta`.`meta_key` = 'OLDPREFIX_user-settings';
UPDATE  `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_usermeta` SET  `meta_key` =  'NEWPREFIX_user-settings-time' WHERE  `NEWPREFIX_usermeta`.`meta_key` = 'OLDPREFIX_user-settings-time';
UPDATE  `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_usermeta` SET  `meta_key` =  'NEWPREFIX_dashboard_quick_press_last_post_id' WHERE  `NEWPREFIX_usermeta`.`meta_key` = 'OLDPREFIX_dashboard_quick_press_last_post_id';

In the table options

UPDATE `wordpress`.`NEWPREFIX_options` SET option_name = 'NEWPREFIX_user_roles' WHERE option_name = 'OLDPREFIX_user_roles'

Sep 2, 2017

Un-RAR everything in all (sub) folders

"c:\Program Files\WinRAR\Rar.exe" x -r .

Aug 11, 2017

FIX: A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

Recently I suffered from a total system breakdown. Windows suddenly decided to stop booting, I didn't believe the cause of the error was bad hardware (faulty HDD) - the laptop is new.

I struggeled to find a solution, tried many things with the Windows installation disks. None of the automatic repair tools helped (system restore, automatic startup repair, boot-repair-disk).

It seemed the cause of the error was a broken MBR, caused by a process with access to system files, but boot-repair-disk didn't fix it.

After some more googling I found out that the Windows installation disk has another MBR fix tool, accessable from the command prompt.

Boot the system from the Windows installation DVD, then open up command prompt either with Shift+10 or by choosing it from the menu.

Then type:

bootsect.exe /nt60 C:

Jun 10, 2017