Aug 22, 2010

Installing BackTrack Linux on a USB key with VMWare, the easy way

  1. Create a new virtual machine in VMWare. You do not need to add a hard disk. Just delete it, just in case. For the CD Rom add the iso image of BackTrack Linux.
  2. Start the virtual machine. You might need to edit boot in the BIOS, so press F2 to enter BIOS setup and set CD rom as the primary boot.
  3. Enable Removable Device in vmware so that it will show up as a USB disk on Backtrack
  4. When BackTrack loads open on the desktop.
  5. The installer should now automatically use your USB key as the primary disk for the install.
  6. Use default partitioning and install. Just Click OK.
  7. After a successfull installation, your USB key is ready to boot.
  8. Boot into Backtrack and login with root/toor - the default username and password